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  Guns battle: Attitudes about firearms after the Arizona tragedy

In the wake of the Arizona tragedy last week, Need to Know updates its story about gun rights activists and examines the current state of gun control laws in the U.S.


Jared Loughner may be mentally ill. But does that matter?

The debate over the shootings in Arizona has turned to the accused gunman’s mental state. But is there a connection between violence and mental illness? Some psychiatrists say no.


  The gridlocked American dream

Americans suffering from the housing crisis are also finding themselves struggling to afford transportation costs. With Blueprint America, we visited the Phoenix suburbs.


Ariz. gov. doesn’t think ‘beheadings’ are all that interesting after all

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer had a less-than-stellar debate performance that has gone viral on the Internet, but the real curiosity is her claim of headless bodies found in the desert.

The border is a state of mind

The more we obsess about the legal status of immigrants the less we look at the very real, very deep flaws in our conception of immigration.


Arizona’s immigration law

Arizona’s controversial immigration law goes into effect today, but the battle over SB 1070 could go all the way to the Supreme Court.


Justice Department tries to block Arizona’s immigration law, as states take note

The Justice Department is suing to prevent Arizona from following through on its new immigration law, as 20 states with similar bills take notes.


Anchor babies

Illegal alien. Border hopper. Wetback. Now – “anchor baby.” The current language for undocumented people in this country allows us to think that immigration status defines a person’s basic humanity and right to dignity.


O’Connor: Confirmation process is ‘narrow path’ for nominee

Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court, spoke with Need to Know’s Alison Stewart about the confirmation process, civics in schools and motherhood.

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