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Undead men walking

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” proves that zombies and cable TV are a perfect match.


Conan, cyberhero, back on the medium that shunned him

From TV to Internet and back again, is Conan’s triumphant return to late night a victory for underdogs or over them? And will it matter?


’30 Rock’ live — and kicking

What went right on “30 Rock” this week might be the problem with “30 Rock” in general.


Yo, Teach!

Tony Danza’s goofball vulnerability is perfect for a reality show about high school because as a real-life teacher, he does seem to care.


Primetime’s newest supernatural-hijackings-paranoia-flashbacks-secret society show

There’s something shameless about NBC’s new sci-fi drama, “The Event.” Desperate to inherit the now-vacant, primetime TV throne of mind-screwry, the series owes pretty much everything to “Lost.”


‘Weeds’ and ‘The Big C’ on the same side of the fence

Strong women characters take center stage in Showtime’s Monday-night lineup.


‘Mad Men’ recap: The double life of Don Draper

Will Matthew Weiner allow his “Mad Men” hero to find the redemption that Tony Soprano never did?


‘Mad Men’ recap: ‘Only connect’

It’s fitting that an episode about the two sides of Don Draper had such a split personality. It almost felt like two mini-episodes: the first half featuring Dick Whitman’s West Coast past, and a whiskey-soaked second act with the loutish Don Draper. It’s frustrating that the second half of the episode doesn’t seem to be connected to […]


‘Mad Men’ recap: The twelve steps of Christmas

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce throws a holiday party for the history books in the latest Broadcastinating.

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