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  Double fault: Nuclear safety at Diablo Canyon

The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is situated near two fault lines, and at least one critic is questioning whether the utility that owns the plant is doing all it needs to to ensure that it can safely withstand the kind of earthquake some seismologists believe is possible.


California Guard facility draws scrutiny, criticism

A new Sacramento Bee investigation uncovers waste and disrepair at Camp Roberts, the California National Guard’s largest training facility.


U.S. is due for a sizable quake, but not because of Japan’s

A quake expert explains why recent temblors across the globe don’t make one in the U.S. any more likely — and why there is still cause for concern.


Investigating corruption in the California National Guard

San Francisco Bee reporter Charles Piller’s investigative work shows various ways in which California Guard officials were lining their own pockets.


Climate victory? Not so much.

California’s Proposition 26 may render meaningless environmentalists’ celebrated Prop 23 victory.


  The global warming battle you haven’t heard of

Need to Know talks with Todd Woody, an environmental journalist in California, about a little-known initiative there that could derail the state’s global warming laws.


A political climate: The battle over Prop 23

A California ballot initiative is getting national attention as the first time U.S. voters will determine policy on global warming — and out-of-state interests are spending millions to sway the result.


Out-of-state money floods into California over greenhouse gas law

The fight to overturn a strong greenhouse gas measure in California is being funded by energy companies in Texas and elsewhere.


Photo: On this day in 1850, California became a state

Half Dome as seen from Yosemite Valley in California.

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