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Clarence Thomas


Where Romney and Obama stand on the Supreme Court

Suevon Lee, ProPublica | Oct. 26, 2012, 10:48 a.m. The Supreme Court has remained a largely unspoken topic on the campaign trail u2014 even though the Court plays a critical function in Americans’ lives. (This past June’s Affordable Care Act ruling, anyone?) The next president could very well appoint one or two new justices. And [...]


Clarence Thomas and the right to remain silent

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t asked a question from the bench in five years. But it’s not the silence of his voice we should focus on, writes Jami Floyd, but the silence of his pen.


Next week’s news

Andy Borowitz predicts the headlines. Next week: Hugo Chavez professes his love for Justin Bieber. And Sarah Palin makes a not-so-shocking admission.

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