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Climate law gets thumbs up in California

In a report last week, we explored the battle in California over the state’s landmark greenhouse gas law. The outcome? Voters defeated Proposition 23 with more than 60 percent of the vote, delivering a decisive victory for those who feel the law will benefit the state’s clean energy economy, clean air and climate policy.


Countdown to Cancun for climate change

In the month leading up to the Cancun climate talks, the UN Environment Program looks at 30 environmental initiatives that work.


  The global warming battle you haven’t heard of

Need to Know talks with Todd Woody, an environmental journalist in California, about a little-known initiative there that could derail the state’s global warming laws.


A political climate: The battle over Prop 23

A California ballot initiative is getting national attention as the first time U.S. voters will determine policy on global warming — and out-of-state interests are spending millions to sway the result.


Give me one good reason for a new energy policy

General Electric’s CEO wants a new energy policy, and so do the rest of us. And many presidents have promised one. Robert Fri asks: What’s the holdup?


Could clean cookstoves save lives and help clear the air?

Need to Know’s Alison Stewart learns more about the $60 million cookstoves initiative recently announced by Hillary Clinton.


  Cow power not cutting it

By converting methane gas from manure into electricity, some California farmers are encountering unforeseen environmental problems.


Virginia AG recycles old claims in new climate change probe

Ken Cuccinelli has revived a probe of climate scientist Michael Mann, who called the investigation “criminal harassment.” But the new subpoena doesn’t contain much new evidence.


  Designer Bruce Mau on the suburbs, the mall and the automobile

Designer Bruce Mao says we need to reinvent the things people love.

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