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Climate Desk

The Climate Desk is a journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the impact—human, environmental, economic, political—of a changing climate.


Are swing voters going green?

By Chris Mooney | October 2, 2012 It was quite the messaging turnaround. In his September 6 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, President Obama—whose reticence about so much as mentioning global warming has flummoxed environmental activists—used the subject to launch an unexpected attack on his opponent. “Climate change is not a […]


Obama, Romney send in answers to ‘Science Debate’

President Obama has assembled the most scientifically accomplished administration since the time of the founding fathers.


  Web exclusive: Watching a local shoreline slowly disappear

Palauan electrician Sisenio Hideo has watched the shoreline disappear over his lifetime.


Bringing climate change to court

Environmental lawyer Matthew Pawa discusses his work on climate change litigation.


  Paradise lost?

Palau is a paradise, but the nation is threatened by climate change and sea-level rise. 


  It’s not easy being green

Need to Know correspondent Mona Iskander updates her report from Greenville, Mich., about a town that tried to reinvent itself by bringing in a solar-panel manufacturing company.


  David Biello on the future of solar

Scientific American’s David Biello talks to Jeff Greenfield about Uni-Solar’s bankruptcy and what it means for the U.S. solar industry.


  Dr. Jay Gulledge on what rising seas mean for the U.S.

Scott Simon talks with Dr. Jay Gulledge about what sea-level rise might mean for the nation, and what we can do today to prepare.


  Rising tide in Norfolk, Va.

Mayor Paul Fraim tells Need to Know that if sea-level rise continues, some parts of his city may have to be abandoned to the rising tide.

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