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  Sis, boom, bust: The high cost of college sports

While state budget deficits force administrators at public colleges and universities to make painful cuts, one area not feeling the budget knife much is intercollegiate sports. Need to Know travels to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, to see how the pressure to compete as a NCAA Division I program is affecting the classroom.


  Next week’s news: The college edition

A lot of people have been asking themselves lately whether a college education is really worth. So this week, Andy turns to two PBS pals for answers: Elmo and Ken Burns.


U.S. lags behind its rivals in college degrees, especially in the south

President Obama warned that the U.S. economy may suffer from low rates of college graduation. The problem is especially stark in the south, where few adults aged 25 to 34 obtain degrees.


Graduates speak for themselves

Brown University’s commencement ceremony featured two students talking about the power of support — how it can steel you in the hard times and lead you to the best times.

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