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  Need to Know: Can Medicare be fixed?

This week on Need to Know, Anchor Ray Suarez talk with three experts about Medicare’s costly future.


  What’s at Stake: Debt and entitlements

We may be in a financial hole now, but the situation is about to get a whole lot worse. Millions of baby boomers are turning 65, which, of course, makes them eligible for Medicare.


Working class voters remain cold to Mitt Romney. Is his tax plan to blame?

Exit polls show working class Americans remain cold to Mitt Romney. His recently unveiled tax plan might have something to do with that.


  Are we slaves to debt? David Graeber on the history of spending more than we have

The debate over what to do about debt is nothing new, according to anthropologist David Graeber. Alison Stewart talks with Graeber about our misconceptions about debt and why it plays such a large role in history.


‘Debt’ and forgiveness

Anthropologist and author David Graeber tackles the topic du jour in his new book, “Debt: The First 5,000 Years.”


  Greece’s debt crisis and the age of austerity

How has Greece’s debt created so much turmoil within Europe, and how could this crisis threaten to involve the United States and the world?


Deadlocks and headlocks: Steve Brodner on the wrestling match that is Congress

Wrestling and politics have a lot in common, as editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner demonstrates regarding the inability of Congress and the Obama administration to agree on a deficit deal.

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