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American Indians make voices heard this election cycle

American Indians – long a forgotten and ignored constituency in U.S. politics – are increasingly getting themselves involved in the system, saying the stakes are too high this election season to sit on the sidelines waiting to be courted. The activism is everywhere, from large political donations to the presidential candidates to participation in the […]


Need to Know, September 7, 2012: 100 days

Need to Know reports from the site of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.


A different view of President Clinton’s speech at the DNC

What is your reaction to President Clinton’s speech at the DNC? Did you find his arguments for President Barack Obama re-election compelling? Or, were you more swayed by the Republican message in Tampa? Watch the video of his speech and share your views in the comments below.


  Memorable convention speeches

A look at the convention speeches that propelled some politicians into the limelight.

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