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Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act


  Neither a borrower, nor a lender

Can an agency protect consumers from making bad decisions about their finances? We meet one military family whose situation seems tailor-made for the mission of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  Video: Jeff Madrick on the politics of protecting consumers

  Stacy-Marie Ishmael and Joe Nocera on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

The bipartisan federal commission created by Congress to get to the roots of the 2008 financial crisis issued its final report this week. Stacy-Marie Ishmael, an editor with the Financial Times, and Joe Nocera, a business columnist for the New York Times, speak with Alison Stewart about why it was so hard for the commission to determine who was to blame.


Why the Dodd-Frank act is a valuable step forward

Need to Know’s Sam Weber on why the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act represents a seismic shift in the regulatory framework of our financial system.

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