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Around the web: Drone politics

NTK’s Joshua Foust talks to the Council on Foreign Relations about the still-fraught relationship between the United States and Pakistan.


Losing the narrative

Drones are not a universal panacea to terrorism issues. But they can be effective – especially as part of a holistic campaign to undermine and displace violent extremist groups.


The unique geopolitics of Pakistan

The infiltration of terrorists in northwest Pakistan may have roots in the history of Waziristan’s colonization and self-rule.


Need to Know, September 14, 2012: Drones

Reporting from Pakistan, Need to Know investigates the impact U.S. drone attacks are having on citizens in targeted areas.


  Interview: Pir Zubair Shah

Pir Zubair Shah speaks on the civilian death count from drone attacks in Pakistan.


Ask the experts: Drones

This week’s show raises a number of questions related to how the American drone strategy in Pakistan (and elsewhere) creates potential tensions in the region. To help sift through these complex issues, we asked leading experts to weigh in on drone warfare.   Our contributors: Ryan Calo is an assistant professor at the University of Washington School […]


  An eight-year war

What is the human cost of U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan?



Today’s top-secret drone wars are moving warfare and international relations into the future. As the robotics revolution is poised to alter our relationship with war, here are five things to know about the drones of today and tomorrow.


  The drone next door

What has mainly been an aerial asset for the U.S. military in countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan is now being used increasingly on the home front – raising some serious legal questions about how to best balance citizens’ rights with law-enforcement goals.

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