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Photo: 30 million tons of ice

A massive earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, kills dozens and sends part of a glacier sliding into Tasman Lake.


Amputees in a country without paved roads or sidewalks

Filmmaker Brent Renaud, creator of a segment on this week’s show, writes that survival is just the beginning for the Haitian injured.


For Haiti to move forward, we must return to our culture

The president of Universit√© Quisqueya asks: why has the “Pearl of the Antilles” turned into a place most observers compare to hell?


  Haiti’s lost music

In 1936, American ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax preserved Haiti’s cultural identity in more than 1,500 audio and film recordings. Need to Know traveled with his daughter, Anna Lomax Wood, to watch and listen as she carried on the legacy of her father’s work by bringing the lost melodies back to a quake-zone community.


After the earthquake, detective work

Thousands of children have been orphaned since the earthquake in Haiti. Some groups are trying to reunite them with their families.

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