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  Big thinkers on how to fix American education

In the latest installment of our “Fixing America” series, we asked educators, policy makers and other big thinkers how they would put the country’s education system on the path to straight A’s.


Math for America’s Jim Simons on his formula for improving math education

Jon Meacham sits down with Jim Simons, founder of Math for America, to find out why Simons has devoted so much of his time – and money – to improving math education in the U.S.


  Arne Duncan on American education: ‘We have a crisis on multiple levels’

Education Secretary Arne Duncan talks to Jon Meacham about the Obama administration’s push to revise No Child Left Behind, and how the U.S. can regain lost ground in educational excellence.

Are college sports worth the cost?

“It is ridiculous that so much emphasis is put on sports and the average student suffers for it,” a reader says. Join the conversation.


  Jon Meacham on the American promise of public education

All those who care about civil rights — who care about human rights — should dedicate themselves to the cause of public education, Jon Meacham says.


Education roundtable: Three reformers making change from the ground up

Alison Stewart leads a lively discussion with three education reformers about practical solutions that work.


  Brockton’s retired teachers devise a script for success

Brockton High School’s principal and three retired teachers brainstorm to come up with a “script” for those looking to replicate the school’s success.


‘Our Sputnik moment’: Then and now

In 1958, Life magazine was decrying the “crisis in the U.S. education.” Fifty years later, many of the concerns still ring true.


Need to Know, February 11, 2011: Ahead of the class

As the nation debates how to get the best performance out of students and teachers, Need to Know presents an hour devoted to success stories in teaching.

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