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Share your education ideas!

Have an idea for how to enhance how students learn in the classroom? Make a video and let us know! We’ll post the best ones.


  School of thought in Brockton, Mass.

In 1998, when new standardized tests were mandated in Massachusetts, 75 percent of the 4,000 students at Brockton High School were in danger of failing to graduate. But a group of dedicated teachers turned things around.


Do SMART boards make for smart students?

Do new technologies actually help kids learn or does it just amount to a novelty?


Pasi Sahlberg on why Finland leads the world in education

As part of an upcoming hour-long focus on education, Need to Know spoke with Pasi Sahlberg, a reform expert in Finland’s Ministry of Education, about what the U.S. might learn from Finland’s success.


Thomas Hatch on improving U.S. education

Jon Meacham talks with Thomas Hatch, an education reform specialist at Columbia University, about what changes are needed to improve our educational system.


Fixing public schools: Davis Guggenheim on “Waiting for Superman”

Davis Guggenheim, director of the new documentary “Waiting for “Superman,” discusses the American education system, its problems and some solutions.


Sweepin’ the clouds away

Gerald Lesser, the chief adviser for Sesame Street, died last month. Former colleagues say he was like sunshine on the set.


Yo, Teach!

Tony Danza’s goofball vulnerability is perfect for a reality show about high school because as a real-life teacher, he does seem to care.

Primary education

Yesterday’s primary race in Washington, D.C., makes the new documentary “Waiting for Superman,” by the Academy Award-winning director of “An Inconvenient Truth,” all the more interesting. The movie is about the sad state of public education. One of the main interviewees in the movie, seen as a champion of the kids and foe of the [...]

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