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Election 2012


  David Brody on gay marriage in the 2012 election

Will issues like same-sex marriage determine the outcome of the 2012 election for states with large numbers of evangelical voters? David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network discusses.


  Faith in the system: Divisions among evangelicals in Iowa

Need to Know correspondent Rick Karr examines how conservative evangelical voters in Iowa have been unable to coalesce around one candidate as the presidential caucuses loom ahead.


  Playing the field: Ethanol in Iowa

Need to Know correspondent Win Rosenfeld discovers how the presidential candidates are no longer committing to ethanol subsidies — a once-unthinkable position for a candidate seeking votes in Iowa.


Election 2012: What stories do you want to see?

As NTK gears up to bring you more stories of how Election 2012 will affect communities all around the nation, tell us: What issues do you want to see covered?


  American Voices: Gustavo Arellano on the 2012 Latino vote

Californian columnist Gustavo Arellano contributes an essay about why the GOP risks losing the Hispanic vote in the upcoming presidential election.


Attacks over illegal immigration fly in Vegas debate

In Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas, the subject of illegal immigration provoked one of the most biting exchanges between Romney and Perry that the race has seen yet.


  The politics of resentment, from the tea party to Occupy Wall Street

This election season, there is a prevailing sentiment that our lives are being made worse by powerful interests that are beyond our reach. But the feeling is hardly new.


Romney solidifies lead in economy-focused GOP debate

Tuesday night’s GOP debate was a relatively polite affair, with candidates targeting Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 economic plan and Mitt Romney solidifying his lead over the pack.


Republicans, searching anew for a standard-bearer, eye New Jersey’s Chris Christie

The New Jersey governor’s blunt-talking style has made him the latest conservative darling, mobilizing much of the Republican machine to entice him into the race.

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