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A political climate: The battle over Prop 23

A California ballot initiative is getting national attention as the first time U.S. voters will determine policy on global warming — and out-of-state interests are spending millions to sway the result.


Legacy of waste: The high cost of nuclear power

As the Obama administration puts nuclear power at the center of its energy agenda, Need to Know explores the decades of indecision about what to do with nuclear waste.


Climate scientist calls Va. attorney general’s fraud probe ‘harassment’

An influential climate scientist who has been accused by the Virginia attorney general of defrauding the public calls the probe “criminal harassment” and warns that the case could set a “horrifying” precedent.

From a friend in Pakistan

I received this e-mail this morning from a very close friend who lives in a remote valley high in the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan. We visited his valley in the summer of 2005. (You can see photos of what it looked like then, here.) Dear Cam and Lauren, There is a big flooding in Kalasha [...]

Making sense of the climate impasse

All signs suggest that the planet is still hurtling headlong toward climatic disaster, yet still we fail to act. There are several reasons for this, and we should understand them in order to break today’s deadlock.


Why do we care about the Gulf but not the oceans or the Amazon?

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely takes a look at the complexities of human emotion in the face of disaster.


  Hope and sacrifice

In this essay, Jon Meacham considers how past presidents have inspired national sacrifice — and what’s needed to revive hope for the present.


The Gulf oil spill

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been front page news since April 20, but here are five things that you might not know about the spill.

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