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  After Sandy, picking up the pieces in Breezy Point

By James West, Tim McDonnell, and Brett Brownell | Tue Oct. 30, 2012 “I think we all can agree we’re seeing complete and utter devastation,” Brendan Gallagher says, standing in front of the charred remains of his childhood home. Just a short drive from New York City’s famous Rockaway beaches, Breezy Point, Queens, is a [...]

Photo: Seeing smoke from space

The 93,000 acre wildfire in northern New Mexico is producing a thick funnel of smoke that can clearly be seen from space. An astronaut aboard the International Space Station noticed the large cloud and took this picture, which shows the terrain more clearly than NASA’s satellite photos, the day after the fire began.


Photo: Anywhere but here

More people evacuate ahead of gigantic wildfire.

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