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Fixing America


  Making Congress work

Jeff Greenfield moderates a bipartisan panel that offers detailed proposals about how to make Congress work. Their ideas include: non-partisan primaries, mandatory voting and campaign finance reform.


  Fixing government: Kurt Andersen on getting Republicans and Democrats to work together

Kurt Andersen, author and host of public radio’s “Studio 360,” says lawmakers should get to know each other by spending a minimum number of days together in Washington, D.C.


  Fran Lebowitz on turning consumers into citizens

Author and social commentator Fran Lebowitz explains what needs to be done to fix America’s government.


  Big thinkers on how to fix American education

In the latest installment of our “Fixing America” series, we asked educators, policy makers and other big thinkers how they would put the country’s education system on the path to straight A’s.


  4 questions, 12 thinkers

We asked a dozen big thinkers to share their ideas on how to fix America. Hear what else they had to say.


  How to fix America

Some of this country’s brightest thinkers tell us one simple thing they would do to get America moving again.

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