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  Need to Know, August 27, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Polluted water in Wyoming. The fifth anniversary of Katrina. And the connection between Glenn Beck and the Ground Zero mosque.


The price of gas: A Need to Know investigation

In collaboration with ProPublica, Need to Know correspondent John Larson investigates the practice of “fracking,” which some Wyoming residents say is polluting their water.


Actor Mark Ruffalo speaks out against fracking

Actor Mark Ruffalo, a resident of upstate New York, talks to Need to Know about the controversial oil and gas drilling practice known as “fracking,” which he opposes.


Awash in natural gas?

Full-page ads promising “clean, domestic and abundant energy” don’t tell the whole story about natural gas, writes Robert Fri. Promising, yes, but it won’t solve all our energy problems.

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