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Need to Know, August 19, 2011: Urban farming in Detroit, consumer finance protection, gold mining in the Amazon

We look at the way urban farming has revitalized communities in Detroit. Also: The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, how hackers are using Kinect’s ‘gesture technology’ to change the way we live, and illegal gold mining in the Amazon.


  Need to Know, August 12, 2011: The history of debt, detainee abuse, living with Chinese drywall

We team up with news organization ProPublica to examine the harmful effects of tainted drywall manufactured in China. Also, author David Graeber on the history of debt, and journalist Jeffrey Gettleman on peace and stability in East Africa.


Need to Know, August 5, 2011: Breast cancer trials, Rick Perry’s ambitions, cyberweapons

We explore the story of Stuxnet, a computer virus that may launch a 21st century global arms race. Also: We examine three clinical trials for breast cancer treatment, and discuss Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential ambitions.


Need to Know, July 29, 2011: Adult autism, food safety, wealth inequality

What happens when autistic children become adults and leave the educational system that provides services they need? Also: Choking and food safety, Tricia Rose on wealth inequality, and how the U.S. is lagging in the race to the Internet future.


Need to Know, July 22, 2011: Famine in Somalia, nuclear waste storage, Eric Cantor and the debt ceiling

We take a deeper look at famine in Somalia and the thousands of Somalis fleeing out of the country to seek refuge. Also: Could a New Mexico nuclear waste site offer a solution to the U.S.’s nuclear disposal problems? And: The complicated world of hackers, and Washington’s debt ceiling impasse.


Need to Know, July 15, 2011: California nuclear safety, population control, Gloria Steinem

Could a Fukushima-style disaster happen at one of California’s nuclear plants? Also: The zero population growth movement of the 1960s, and an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem.


Need to Know, July 8, 2011: Congo’s orchestra, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Sudan, workplace safety

The story of a remarkable symphony orchestra thriving in Congo, and an investigation on faltering safety in work sites that are exempt from OSHA regulations. Also: South Sudan’s historic election and Jami Floyd on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. Maria Hinojosa guest hosts.


Need to Know, July 1, 2011: Greece’s debt crisis, congressional redistricting, ‘Page One’ and the New York Times

How will Greece’s debt crisis affect the U.S. and the rest of the world? Also: California’s radical new approach to statewide redistricting, and journalists Brian Stelter and David Carr discuss “Page One: Inside the New York Times.”


  Need to Know, June 24, 2011: Combating IEDs, the ramifications of the Wal-Mart case, the science of happy marriages

We explore the inner workings of a military organization’s $17 billion effort to combat IEDs, and Jami Floyd discusses the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Wal-Mart case. Also: The science of what makes a good marriage.

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