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Need to Know, June 17, 2011: New voter laws, the anti-abortion movement, therapy for Tourette’s syndrome

Nearly a dozen states are rewriting their voting laws. How will this affect turnout in the coming election? Also: A look at the anti-abortion movement, new therapy for Tourette’s syndrome, the science of denial and a discussion of modern-day slavery.


  Need to Know, June 10, 2011: Clinical trials overseas, legacy of nuclear waste, Brian Greene and the multiverse

This week on Need to Know, we feature an investigation into the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry. Has insufficient oversight of foreign clinical trials led to dangerous drugs becoming available or staying on the U.S. market?


Need to Know, June 3, 2011: Paying for war, medicating foster children, childhood obesity

We explore how ineffective oversight of clinical trials overseas may be helping dangerous drugs make it to market. Also: The overmedication of foster children, fighting childhood obesity, and editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner on income inequality in America.


Need to Know, May 27, 2011: Political storm over tornadoes, Paralympics, shrinking Youngstown

Is climate change a major cause of this year’s deadly tornado season? Also: how paralympic sports helped inspire one war veteran to help his fellow soldiers, and the incredible “shrinking” city of Youngstown, Ohio.


Need to Know, May 20, 2011: Climate change and tropical disease, Upper Big Branch mine disaster, Stuxnet

We look at the threats climate change is already posing to human health, including the spread of diseases once confined to tropical regions. Also: The West Virginia coal mine explosion, one year later, and the story of the Stuxnet worm.


Need to Know, May 13, 2011: Detainee abuse, broadband in Europe, crisis mappers

Is the U.S. military’s task force charged with investigating detainee abuse in Iraq supported enough to function? Also: Mobile crisis-mapping for disaster victims, broadband in Europe, and a talk with two “Freedom Riders.”


Need to Know, May 6, 2011: Adoptions in Nepal, Bin Laden economics, the united states of women

We visit Americans who have adopted abandoned children in Nepal but can’t bring them home. Also: The Arab world’s reaction to bin Laden’s death, a panel discussion on the state of women and New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast.


Need to Know, April 29, 2011: Joe Nocera on the Charlie Engle story, Tavis Smiley, free music education in Chicago

Reporter Joe Nocera discusses why the “big fish” responsible for the subprime mortgage crisis have not faced punishment. Also: PBS host Tavis Smiley, music education in Chicago, and the return of Peter Sagal.


Need to Know, April 22, 2011: Chinese drywall, ‘Capitalism 4.0,’ right-sizing Detroit

This week, we explore the legal frustrations in suing foreign manufacturers over tainted drywall from China. Also: shrinking down the sprawling city of Detroit, and the new era of capitalism.

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