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Need to Know, April 15, 2011: The BP oil spill and the Grand Isle one year later, fixing American education

How are Grand Isle residents faring one year after the BP oil spill? Also: How to fix American education, and Jon Meacham on allowing non-native-born Americans to become President.


Need to Know, April 8, 2011: Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Medicare, Edwidge Danticat

We visit Hispaniola, where the Dominican Republic is beginning to deport Haitian refugees. Also: author Edwidge Danticat and Republican Medicare proposals.


Need to Know, April 1, 2011: Going to war without Congress, cities struggling with budget cuts

How can struggling cities survive the financial crisis to provide for their residents? Also: veterans with traumatic brain injury, sports and behavioral economics, and American politics in an alternate world.


Need to Know, March 25, 2011: Wounded in war, Arne Duncan, breast cancer research

Three breast cancer trials offer insight into the difficulties of cancer treatment research, and soldiers wounded in Iraq look back seven years later. Plus: Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee and education secretary Arne Duncan.


  Need to Know, March 18, 2011: Crisis in Japan, stories of academic transformation

This week, we report from Japan on the nuclear crisis there, and then revisit stories of dramatic academic transformation across the U.S.


Need to Know, March 11, 2011: Public unions and state budgets, blood transfusions

Are public unions to blame for states’ budget woes? Also: Alternatives to blood transfusions and an “illustrated interview” on income equality in America.


  Need to Know, March 4, 2011: Libya’s uprising, the high cost of college sports, Wisconsin’s unions

How are university sports programs affecting the classroom? Also: The international community’s responsibility in the Middle East, and legislators’ controversial political tactics in Wisconsin and Indiana.


Need to Know, February 25, 2011: Sea level rise, National Guard bonuses, Somali pirates

This week on Need to Know, the effects of climate change are already hitting the city of Norfolk, Virginia. We travel to Norfolk to see how the city is dealing with regular flooding caused by sea level rise and a sinking shoreline. Also: We look at an investigation by a Sacramento Bee reporter into millions [...]


Need to Know, February 18, 2011: The universe(s), Egypt’s future and fracking

How many universes are there? Author Brian Greene explains. Plus: A fracking update, a look at what’s next in Egypt and an interview author Parag Khanna.

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