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Need to Know, February 11, 2011: Ahead of the class

As the nation debates how to get the best performance out of students and teachers, Need to Know presents an hour devoted to success stories in teaching.


Need to Know, February 4, 2011: Egypt, end-of-life care, Alzheimer’s

Amid the upheaval in Egypt, we turn our attention to the political tension between Egypt and the U.S. Also, the defunct “death panel” provision, a new scan for Alzheimer’s, and “Reagan.”


Need to Know, January 28, 2011: Aging in the car-happy suburbs, Congo, a new New Deal?

This week on Need to Know: getting older in the car-dependent suburbs, the State of the Union and the state of the Congo. Plus: an animated editorial by Steve Brodner.


  Need to Know, January 21, 2011: Care for disabled adults, Michael Vick’s dogs, China

This week, we visit with parents struggling to maintain care for their developmentally disabled adult children in the face of budget cuts. Plus: where are Michael Vick’s dogs now? And: the Amy Chua phenomenon.


  Need to Know, January 14, 2011: Gun control, Haiti, high-speed rail

In light of the Arizona shooting, we revisit a story on gun rights. Also: Two Haitian children treated in Boston after the earthquake, a look at high speed rail and author Peter Bergen on al Qaeda.


  Need to Know, January 7, 2011: Foster care, a ‘lost boy’ of Sudan

On the eve of Sudan’s historic elections, we profile a “lost boy” who returned to aid his hometown. Plus: medicating foster kids, more “fixing America” and advice from Peter Sagal.


  Need to Know, December 24, 2010

Jon Meacham talks with Stacy Schiff about Cleopatra and Robert Alter on the continued relevance of The Bible. Editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner revisits the major headlines of 2010. Plus: Resa Aslan, David Grossman and K’Naan.


  Need to Know, December 17, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Jon Meacham reflects on the legacy of Richard Holbrooke, special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, who died suddenly this week. And we sit down with former diplomat Frank Wisner to take a closer look at the state of President Obama’s foreign policy strategy, following a recent status report on [...]


  Need to Know, December 10, 2010

This week on Need to Know: John Larson investigates coal mine safety. A new series on social innovators. Meacham talks tax cuts. And director Julie Taymor discusses the new Spider-Man musical.

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