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  Need to Know: April 19, 2013: Mississippi Savings

A program designed to help low-income, mostly African-American children save for college – and teach them about banking and money along the way.


  Need to Know: April 5, 2013: Working bridges

In this program, we visit employers implementing the program, who agree it has dramatically reduced employee turnover and increased productivity.


  Need to Know: March 29, 2013: Economic inequality and mobility

We’ve invited three highly-respected economic thinkers from different perspectives, to see if there is some common economic ground, and whether that common ground tells us anything about how we can improve our economic health.


  Need to Know: March 22, 2012: Medical devices

Dr. Emily Senay examines whether the Food and Drug Administration’s medical device review process is adequately protecting the public. While the vast majority of these devices are safe and effective, according to the GAO, hundreds are recalled every year. And the impact of an unsafe device can be devastating.


  Need to Know, March 8, 2013: The long-term care challenge

On this week’s Need to Know, Karla Murthy reports from California about one family dealing with the emotional and financial stresses of caring for a chronically ill parent.


  Need to Know: March 1, 2013: Down in the Salinas valley

As the debate over immigration reform continues in Washington D.C., Need to Know offers an inside look at the lives of Latino farm workers.


  Need to Know: February 22, 2013: After Newtown: Gone Boy

Exactly 20 years before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a student went on a sudden shooting rampage that killed two people. Today, both the survivors and family members of those killed in the Simon’s Rock shooting are still trying to come to terms with what happened.


Need to Know: February 1, 2013: Manufacturing jobs

12 million Americans are jobless — yet firms nationwide say they’re having a hard time filling nearly four million openings.


  Need to Know: January 25, 2013: Do no harm and Danish medical courts

Can the U.S. change its costly court-based way of dealing with medical mistakes?

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