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  Need to Know: January 18, 2013: Ending paralysis: New Jersey and Germany

Need to Know” anchor Jeff Greenfield explores why it now takes nearly four times as long to complete infrastructure projects in the United States than it did in the 1970’s.


  Need to Know: January 11, 2013: A tale of four tax returns

Four New Jersey residents with dramatically different incomes to demonstrate how current tax regulations disproportionately benefit some Americans more than others.


  Need to Know, December 14, 2012: Memphis family rewards

Need to Know travels to Memphis, Tennessee to cover the Family Rewards Program – an initiative that aims to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty by offering cash incentives.


  Need to Know: Dec. 7, 2012: The family planning fight

The Texas legislature has slashed funding to family planning programs by nearly two-thirds.


  November 30, 2012: Crossing the line at the border update

In the rush to stem the tide of undocumented immigrants, has Border Patrol committed widespread abuse on American soil?


  Need to Know: November 23, 2012: Employment’s new look

Need to Know profiles two innovative jobs programs at opposite ends of the country.


  Need to Know, November 16, 2012: Money Matters: Life after Citizens United

The election was more than a week ago, but the debate continues about the extraordinary amount of money spent during the campaign season, an estimated $6 billion.


  Need to Know, November 9, 2012: The road ahead

Need to Know anchor Jeff Greenfield looks at the policy implications of President Obama winning a second term in office.


  Need to Know: Nov 2, 2012: Dubuque, Iowa

This week, Need to Know’s John Larson reports from Dubuque, Iowa — a town in a swing state worth six electoral votes in the road to the White House.

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