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Need to Know, June 22, 2012: Homecoming for veterans

This week’s Need to Know examines how long-term care for veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan is placing a growing strain on America’s health care providers. Scott Simon hosts.


Need to Know, June 15, 2012: America’s immigration policies

As part of its “Fixing America” series, Need to Know anchor Ray Suarez hosts a panel discussion about America’s immigration policies. Among the topics: has President Obama reneged on his promises of immigration reform? Is Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s proposal for “self-deportation” realistic?


  Frequent flyers and healthcare reform

An investigation of readmission penalties, an element of the Affordable Care Act designed to reduce costs and lead to more coordinated healthcare. Ray Suarez hosts.


Need to Know, June 8, 2012: International justice

This week’s show explores genocide and how to punish those who perpetrate it. We report from Cambodia, where former leaders of the Khmer Rouge are being tried for the mass murders committed decades ago. Author Philip Gourevitch talks to host Ray Suarez.


Need to Know, June 1, 2012: The future of health care

Need to Know medical correspondent Emily Senay, M.D. traveled to Massachusetts to see how health reform is working there. She talked to doctors, insurers, politicians, small business owners, and the people most affected by the state legislation – patients in search of affordable care. Scott Simon hosts.


Need to Know, May 25, 2012: Green jobs, volunteerism

Need to Know correspondent Mona Iskander updates her report from Greenville, Mich., about a town that tried to reinvent itself by bringing in a solar panel manufacturing company. Jeff Greenfield hosts.


Need to Know, May 18, 2012: Financial inclusion

Need to Know’s Stacey Tisdale travels to Missouri, where activists are collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would cap payday loan rates at 36 per cent. Jeff Greenfield hosts.


Need to Know, May 11, 2012: Legal immigration, entrepreneurship

In this edition of Need to Know, the program explores the debate about legal immigration. Maria Hinojosa hosts.


Need to Know, May 4, 2012: The view from Main Street, leaving Afghanistan and Dan Savage on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

NTK visits one small town in Washington state to see how its residents are coping with the economic crisis. Maria Hinojosa hosts.

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