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  Need to Know, February 24, 2012: Main Street, Cairo

Egyptian-American Mona Iskander returns to Egypt where she was born and reports about how ordinary people including members of her own family are doing a year after Hosni Mubarak was swept from power.


Need to Know, February 17, 2012: Food stamps, poverty in America

Food stamps have become a political issue in the campaign, and Need to Know examines why a record number of Americans need help buying food every month.


  Need to Know, February 10, 2012: Student debt, college and religion

Need to Know looks at the dilemma many students face: Skip college or rack up mountains of debt. Then we ask: Does going to college make you less religious?


Need to Know, February 3, 2012: Foreclosures in Nevada, high-tech jobs

As part of our “Help Wanted” series, Need to Know travels to Nevada on the eve of the GOP caucus to examine the state’s high rate of foreclosures.


Need to Know, January 27, 2012: Florida, seniors and entitlements

Need to Know anchor Jeff Greenfield travels to Florida to see how candidates are balancing calls for entitlement reform with winning over seniors.


  Need to Know, January 20, 2012: Voting, power and South Carolina

On the eve of the South Carolina primary, we look at African-Americans and voting power within the state.


  Need to Know, January 13, 2012: Sexual politics

Need to Know explores how the Republican candidates’ opposition to gay marriage will affect the outcome of the nomination fight and the general election.


  Need to Know, January 6, 2012: Help wanted: New Hampshire

How is Main Street doing? On the eve of the New Hampshire presidential primary, Need to Know visits Nashua and travels up and down that city’s Main Street to find out.


Need to Know, December 30, 2011: Eye on Iowa

This week, Need to Know homes in on Iowa, where the all-important presidential caucuses will take place to set the stage for the 2012 campaigns ahead.

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