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  Need to Know, Friday, April 13, 2012: Power to the people

This week, Need to Know travels to California to explore the state’s “experiment in democracy,” where ordinary citizens, not elected officials, are responsible for redistricting.


  Need to Know, March 9, 2012: Cleaning up the tax mess

Need to Know’s Ray Suarez hosts a panel of tax experts who debate how to rewrite the tax code to make it simpler and fairer and produce more revenue.


  Need to Know, March 2, 2012: ‘Help Wanted’ in Ohio

Need to Know profiles four struggling Ohioans and asks how recent improvements in the economy might affect their votes this year.


Need to Know, January 27, 2012: Florida, seniors and entitlements

Need to Know anchor Jeff Greenfield travels to Florida to see how candidates are balancing calls for entitlement reform with winning over seniors.


  Need to Know, January 6, 2012: Help wanted: New Hampshire

How is Main Street doing? On the eve of the New Hampshire presidential primary, Need to Know visits Nashua and travels up and down that city’s Main Street to find out.


Need to Know, April 1, 2011: Going to war without Congress, cities struggling with budget cuts

How can struggling cities survive the financial crisis to provide for their residents? Also: veterans with traumatic brain injury, sports and behavioral economics, and American politics in an alternate world.


  Need to Know, March 18, 2011: Crisis in Japan, stories of academic transformation

This week, we report from Japan on the nuclear crisis there, and then revisit stories of dramatic academic transformation across the U.S.


  Need to Know, March 4, 2011: Libya’s uprising, the high cost of college sports, Wisconsin’s unions

How are university sports programs affecting the classroom? Also: The international community’s responsibility in the Middle East, and legislators’ controversial political tactics in Wisconsin and Indiana.

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