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greenhouse gas


The climate dilemma: How warm and when?

Scientists agree that greenhouse gases will warm the planet. But how much and when? Robert Fri explains the crux of the policy maker’s dilemma.


Indonesia’s billion-dollar climate experiment

Can rich nations pay a corrupt government to protect its rainforests?


Climate law gets thumbs up in California

In a report last week, we explored the battle in California over the state’s landmark greenhouse gas law. The outcome? Voters defeated Proposition 23 with more than 60 percent of the vote, delivering a decisive victory for those who feel the law will benefit the state’s clean energy economy, clean air and climate policy.


When it comes to carbon, Gibraltar’s got some big feet

It’s not just the world’s major emitters that will have to reduce their carbon footprints: There is plenty of room for smaller countries to reduce their per capita contributions to a problem that threatens all.

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