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Gulf oil spill


  Black and blue: Portraits of the Gulf

In anticipation of the TEDx conference on Monday, June 28, which will gather together some big brains to share their thoughts, ideas and experience on the Gulf oil spill, photographers Kris Krüg, James Duncan Davidson and Pinar Özger, traveled to the region to document the effects of the spill from plane, truck and boat.


  Oil spill interactive: How much oil are we talking about?

How many blimps would the spilled oil fill? How many swimming pools? This interactive gives a day-by-day snapshot of how much oil we’re talking about.

An expedition to the Gulf

World Wildlife Fund ethnobotanist Darron Collins traveled with a team of photographers for an upcoming TED event to survey the effects of the oil spill. Here is a first look at what they found.


  When presidents could be bold

In this essay, Need to Know’s Jon Meacham remembers a time when our leaders could tackle the nation’s problems honestly and realistically.


  Uncharted waters: The spill and human health

How serious are the short- and long-term health risks for clean-up workers? Need to Know talks to BP, leading scientists and Louisiana state health officials to find answers.

  The black hole in the Gulf

Getting a clear picture of the devastation in the Gulf has been difficult. Need to Know asked illustrator Steve Brodner to help us visualize the size of the spill.


The British backlash

While President Obama’s tough talk about BP has put some minds to rest here in the US, many in the British media are characterizing his tone as decidedly anti-Anglo.


  End of the road for Grand Isle?

A documentary portrait of the community of Grand Isle, La., which is facing economic ruin from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


  This week’s financial news with Gillian Tett

Alison Stewart talks with Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor of The Financial Times, about this week’s headlines, including BP’s escrow account and financial reform.

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