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Gulf oil spill


  The Gulf oil spill and its potential health effects

Need to Know spoke with George Jackson, a fisherman in Hopedale, La., who has complained of burning eyes and dizziness


  Need to Know, June 11, 2010

A closer look at BP’s safety record, the generosity of a Palestinian family after their son’s killing, and an interview with Sookie Stackhouse’s creator.


  An island without oil

John Larson travels to Samso, population 4,000, to find out how its residents kicked their addiction to oil — and how the U.S. might follow their lead.

The new sheriff in town: BP

Many journalists covering the oil spill off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana are finding it difficult to cover the U.S.’s biggest oil spill disaster because of restrictions set by the British-owned company, BP.


  Big Oil’s Chernobyl

Carl Safina of the Blue Ocean Institute told Need to Know’s Jon Meacham that the Deepwater Horizon spill could be the end of Big Oil as we know it.


  The oil reaches Grand Isle

As a part of journalistic collaboration The Climate Desk (, Need To Know travels to the Louisiana town of Grand Isle with reporter Mac McClelland where frustration and uncertainty are spreading in the wake of the oil spill.


  Need to Know, June 4, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill and renewable energy.


  MMS and big oil’s ‘torrid affair’

Satirist Steve Brodner illustrates the complex entanglements affair between the Minerals Management Service and the oil industry.

Despite mounting evidence, BP doubts underwater oil plumes

Despite scientists’ observations, BP doubts the existence of underwater oil plumes, which would have a unique role in devastating marine life.

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