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Male pill

We may be as close as five to 10 years away from a commercially available contraceptive for men, researchers say. Here are five things you need to know about the “male pill.”


Military superbug, quiet civilian epidemic

Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are battling a bacteria that’s resistant to antibiotics. While the military is confronting the problem, it may be a growing concern for civilian hospitals in the U.S.


Do not operate this marriage while drowsy

When married women have trouble sleeping at night, it makes for a tough next day on the homestead, according to a new study.


  From allergies to deadly disease, feeling the effects of climate change

A rare but deadly fungal disease once known only in tropical climates is infecting people in the Pacific Northwest — and researchers say climate change may be why.


  Six women, many small steps toward breast cancer breakthroughs

Dr. Emily Senay examines three clinical trials current under way: new chemotherapy tests, freezing breast cancer tumors and scalp cooling to save patients’ hair.


  Dispelling the myths surrounding cancer trials

Clinical trials are vital to advancing cancer treatment, but sometimes doctors can’t find patients to participate and patients can’t find the trials. “It’s like two ships passing in the night,” says Dr. Elly Cohen.


AHA urges stricter guidelines for sodium, fat intake

How much salt and saturated fat is OK? According the American Heart Association, quite a lot less than the limits suggested by the USDA.


Amputees in a country without paved roads or sidewalks

Filmmaker Brent Renaud, creator of a segment on this week’s show, writes that survival is just the beginning for the Haitian injured.


The All-American sandwich: Fresh and natural? Anything but.

Anything but! Anastacia Marx de Salcedo deconstructs your cubicle mate’s turkey ‘n’ cheese sandwich with devastating results.

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