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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is good for your bones. That much we know. But how much do you need? We asked the experts about a new report that has heightened the debate.


  Mixed signals: Why is the USDA promoting nutrition and pushing cheese?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is in the business of getting Americans to eat healthier food. But it’s also in the business of promoting the excessive consumption of cheese.


  Inside the mind of cancer: An interview with Sid Mukherjee

After decades of research, there’s a lot that we know about cancer, but what about its personality? Sid Mukherjee’s new “biography of cancer” tells the story of this deadly disease.



The closest most of us have come to cholera is through reading the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But an outbreak Haiti has killed over 1000 people and will likely worsen.


Want to lose weight fast? Try breastfeeding!

A new TV ad encourages breastfeeding as a way to drop a few jeans sizes. It’s a clever campaign, but it isn’t enough, writes Lauren Feeney.


Preventing childhood obesity

After spending some time in Somerville, Mass., reporting on their innovative program to prevent childhood obesity, Need to Know came back with some tips on how to make sure your kids reach adulthood at a healthy weight.


  Blood test: What you don’t know about blood

Since World War ll, blood has been considered “the gift of life.” But today a growing number of experts are questioning whether blood transfusions should be so widely used.


  The risks of transfusions

Members of the medical community are questioning how blood transfusions are used, and are concluding that, for many patients, the risks outweigh the benefits.


Money and medicine: The story of Avandia

Dr. Jerome Kassirer, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, discusses the state of the FDA today, and the conditions that make it possible for drugs like Avandia, which may be pulled from the market, to reach consumers.

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