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Help Wanted


  The view from Main Street

Need to Know traveled to New Hampshire, which boasts better economic numbers than most places in the U.S. But there’s also a more troubling story: how the downturn has wounded the middle class in a way that feels more permanent than temporary.


  Help Wanted: Revisiting the uncounted millions

Need to Know revisits four middle-class workers in Ohio to examine the financial dilemmas and uncertainty faced by employed American workers in today’s economy.


New bill would allow unemployment pay for entrepreneurs

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is among those backing a move to allow more people to receive benefits while starting a new business.


  Staying on the job: A program in Rhode Island helps businesses keep people employed

As part of our Help Wanted series, we report on one job-saving initiative that seems to be paying off: A program in Rhode Island helps businesses keep workers employed.


  Self starters: Going from unemployed to entrepreneur

In most states, jobless benefits are there to cushion the blow while you look for work. But Oregon does something different, using the benefits to encourage people to start their own businesses.


Poll: The jobs crisis

Who’s best equipped to solve the jobs crisis? Vote in our poll.


‘Getting by’: Share your stories

We want to hear your stories of surviving in today’s struggling economy.


  Help wanted: The uncounted millions

Correspondent John Larson travels to Cuyahoga County in northern Ohio for an in-depth look at Americas job crisis. Even some of those with work there are feeling extraordinarily insecure struggling to pay their bills as their pay stagnates and their hours and benefits decline.

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