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Hosni Mubarak


The sights and sounds of Cairo during Egypt’s uprising

Ron Haviv, award winning photojournalist from VII, narrates images of Cairo during this revolutionary week.


What Mubarak’s ouster means for the Arab world and the Middle East peace process

Activists speculated that a new Egyptian government might permanently open the Rafah crossing to Gaza.


Egyptians want democracy, not military rule

Reporters speculate that Hosni Mubarak may step down tonight. But protesters in Tahrir Square may not be satisfied.


  Michele Dunne on Hosni Mubarak’s legacy and the roots of the uprising in Egypt

Michele Dunne, a senior associate at the Carnegie Center for International Peace, discusses Hosni Mubarak’s 29-year rule, and explains the roots of Egypt’s historic uprising.


  Neil MacFarquhar: Mubarak overstayed his welcome

In an interview with Need to Know, New York Times correspondent Neil MacFarquhar discussed the history of the Egyptian president’s rule, and the roots of the uprising against him.


Don’t expect sweeping reforms in Jordan, former ambassador cautions

Despite public protests and recent promises of reform from Jordan’s king, a ‘massive shift’ is unlikely there, says the former U.S. ambassador.


Is Jordan next? Pro-democracy activists in Amman think so

King Abdullah of Jordan fired his cabinet on Tuesday after mass protests. One human rights lawyer in Amman thinks it’s only the beginning.


Who will lead Egypt after Mubarak?

Protesters called on Mubarak’s son, Gamal, not to run for president, as some turned to a Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian diplomat as a possible leader.


WikiLeaks cables: Political protests are not part of the ‘Egyptian mentality’

New diplomatic cables released during the protests reveal Egypt’s efforts to suppress political activity.

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