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Colbert head-fakes Congress, Congress asks him to leave

The comedian’s prepared remarks were quite different from his actual testimony.

An anthem for immigrant rights is set to video

Watch Gogol Bordello’s new video for “Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher).”


Guard’s arrest highlights sexual assault of immigrant detainees

A growing body of evidence suggests lax regulations have led to widespread sexual assault or harassment of immigrants detained in the United States. Just last week a guard at the all-female T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas, was arrested after several women in his custody alleged that, while frisking them, he also fondled [...]


Nannies to get new protections in New York, but is more needed?

New York is poised to sign the nation’s first law protecting the rights of nannies and other domestic workers. But can working moms afford it? And is national childcare reform needed?


  Immigration crackdown creates insecure communities

Expanding the federal Secure Communities program nabs 47,000 illegal immigrants but erodes trust in local police.

The border is a state of mind

The more we obsess about the legal status of immigrants the less we look at the very real, very deep flaws in our conception of immigration.


Arizona’s immigration law

Arizona’s controversial immigration law goes into effect today, but the battle over SB 1070 could go all the way to the Supreme Court.


Anchor babies

Illegal alien. Border hopper. Wetback. Now – “anchor baby.” The current language for undocumented people in this country allows us to think that immigration status defines a person’s basic humanity and right to dignity.


Dream big or go ‘home’

Immigrant students are risking deportation to support a controversial bill that would allow them to stay.

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