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  Jobless rates in context

A look at different age groups and how their unemployment rate has moved since 1978, a time period that includes several recessions, most dramatically between mid-1981 through late-1982 and late-2007 through mid-2009.


  Body Mass Index for Children

For a detailed explanation of the results, more information on the BMI for children, and suggestions for helping your child be healthier, visit the Center for Disease Control’s website. To determine your own BMI, try this adult calculator.


  Timeline: The story of Avandia

A Need to Know chronology highlighting the history of the controversial diabetes drug Avandia, leading up to a big decision by the FDA on whether to pull it from the shelves.


Quiz: How much do you know about the Supreme Court?

Sure, you know your William Rehnquist and your Roe v. Wade, but what else do you know about the goings-on in the Supreme Court Building’s hallowed halls? Find out!


  Oil spill interactive: How much oil are we talking about?

How many blimps would the spilled oil fill? How many swimming pools? This interactive gives a day-by-day snapshot of how much oil we’re talking about.


Quiz: Could YOU become a citizen?

To become a U.S. citizen, candidates must know a few things about history, geography and American rights. How much do you know?

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