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Should the police be able to track your every move? Supreme Court grapples with GPS surveillance case

The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a GPS tracking case that could have profound implications for how the government uses technology to track Americans’ movements.


iPad worker suicides, revisited

One year after a rash of highly publicized worker suicides, labor conditions at the Chinese factories that manufacture iPhones and iPads have improved slightly – but not enough.


  Gary Shteyngart on dachshunds, Lenin and reading Twain in Russia

Best-selling author and satirist Gary Shteyngart’s new book is about a future society where technology rules all. So how often does he update his own Facebook page?


The iPhone 4

It’s shiny, new, and emblazoned with the Apple logo. But is the iPhone 4 better than ever? The reviews are positive, but user reception is mixed. Pun intended. Design With a flat design and a wraparound stainless steel antenna along the outside edge of the phone, the look has been updated. The phone also boasts [...]


  Next Week’s News with Andy Borowitz

Andy Borowitz reviews the “containment dome,” and many other gizmos, in this special tech edition of “Next Week’s News.”


  Forbidden fruit

Three things you need to know about the iPhone affair.

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