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  What’s at stake?

This year’s PBS Election special, What’s at Stake, presents viewers with an up-to-the-minute review of this year’s top campaign issues and considers how the outcome of the election could impact voters’ lives. In the past few years the United States has suffered from unusual weather; from the worse drought in over sixty years to Tropical Storm [...]


  The inner city jobs crisis: What’s the solution?

Deborah Simmons of The Washington Times and Algernon Austin of the Economic Policy Institute discuss possible solutions for the unemployment crisis in inner cities.


  Marcos Villatoro on how a government jobs program changed his father’s life

Essayist Marcos Villatoro recalls how FDR’s decision to create the Civilian Conservation Corps saved a generation of unemployed Americans, including his own father.


  Reihan Salam: ‘There is good job creation and there is bad job creation’

Reihan Salam of The National Review argues that private initiatives, not federal subsidies, are the way to get the country back on track.


  Staying on the job: A program in Rhode Island helps businesses keep people employed

As part of our Help Wanted series, we report on one job-saving initiative that seems to be paying off: A program in Rhode Island helps businesses keep workers employed.


  Self starters: Going from unemployed to entrepreneur

In most states, jobless benefits are there to cushion the blow while you look for work. But Oregon does something different, using the benefits to encourage people to start their own businesses.


In Los Angeles, ‘Occupy’ protesters contend with movie shoots, celebrity trials

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to Los Angeles, where protesters must contend with movie shoots and celebrity trials.


  Help wanted: The uncounted millions

Correspondent John Larson travels to Cuyahoga County in northern Ohio for an in-depth look at Americas job crisis. Even some of those with work there are feeling extraordinarily insecure struggling to pay their bills as their pay stagnates and their hours and benefits decline.


  A return to ‘The Corner’

Fifteen years after David Simon and Ed Burns first chronicled inner-city life in Baltimore for “The Corner,” Need to Know returns to see how life has changed for one of the main characters they profiled.

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