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  Presidentiality: ‘Dr. Keynes’

Republicans have come to revile the famed economist John Maynard Keynes, revealing a rift between how Democrats and the GOP view the economic crisis.


Should the deficit reduction ‘super-committee’ focus on jobs instead?

As President Obama unveils his plan for Congressional panel charged with cutting the deficit, policymakers are floating a radical notion: Focus on jobs instead.


With Obama and Republicans set to spar over jobs, what can we learn from ‘Obamanomics?’

The jobs debate begins in earnest this week, with President Obama set to address Congress and Republicans meeting for a televised debate. But what can we learn from past efforts to spur job growth?


‘Reverse brain drain’ in the U.S.

Foreign-born entrepreneurs educated in the U.S. are increasingly returning to their home countries to start businesses there. How is the U.S. handling this loss of innovation?


Moody’s: You know what? Just scrap the debt limit altogether

The novel proposal suggests that rating agencies would rather the government meet its obligations to creditors than grapple over how much spending to slash.


Survey: Half of us want to quit our jobs

Even in a bad economy, when many people are just grateful to be employed, more than half of those in a recent survey said they want to leave their jobs.


Rent Is Too Damn High Party founder, now a Republican, has a new slogan

Jimmy McMillan, who rocketed to Internet fame as the founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, is running for president as a Republican.


Photo: The state of things

The four-letter word people want to hear from Obama tonight.


  Unemployment benefits in doubt

Need to Know’s financial correspondent Stacey Tisdale investigates a little known industry that can have a huge impact on the newly unemployed.

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