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Libya updates: Gadhafi vows ‘martyrdom’ as rebels storm his compound in Tripoli

The mystery surrounding Moammar Gadhafi’s whereabouts continued to complicate the Libyan conflict’s endgame. As rebels stormed his compound in Tripoli, the elusive autocrat was nowhere to be found.


Clashes continue in Tripoli, as Western officials say Gadhafi regime is ‘crumbling’

Opposition forces made quick inroads into the capital Sunday, cheered on by celebrating residents. One of Moammar Gadhafi’s sons was captured; the status of the autocrat himself was unclear.


Tim Pawlenty, neocon?

The former Minnesota governor has tried to burnish his public image by adopting a hawkish foreign policy platform in the early days of the campaign.


Republican rift on foreign policy widens as Pawlenty criticizes ‘isolationist’ rivals

The Republican party is deeply split on America’s wars, and that rift widened Tuesday as Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty criticized his rivals for appealing to “isolationist sentiments.”


No end game in sight for Libyan conflict

Rather than playing games in Congress about the constitutionality or relevance of a law he’s choosing to ignore, President Obama must articulate his strategy for ending the war in Libya, writes Joshua Foust.


At a refugee camp in Tunisia, it’s showtime

Notes from Tunisia: In a camp where thousands of migrant workers fleeing violence in Libya await resettlement, an aspiring Somali writer decides to stage a play.


  Jeffrey Gettleman on the prospects for peace and stability in East Africa

The New York Times East Africa bureau chief talks about how Africans view Moammar Gadhafi, and the chance for a successful transition of power in Africa’s newest country, South Sudan.


  After protests, a new new beginning for Obama and the Arab world

Alison Stewart talks with Georgetown University’s John Esposito about President Obama’s efforts to redefine U.S. policy towards the Middle East and North Africa in the wake of the Arab Spring.


Could Gadhafi be charged with using rape as a weapon?

When rebels retook the tallest building in the besieged Libyan city of Misrata late last month, they found a message, spelled out in green Arabic graffiti, from the government troops who had been occupying the building: “If we survive, we are warning you gays and dogs. We will not forgive anybody from Misrata. We will […]

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