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After a medical mistake, what’s next?

Sometimes doctors or nurses who cause harm to a patient are the perpetrators: They’re careless, negligent, taking on too many cases because they’re greedy, sloppy or incompetent. But often this is not the case. A well-meaning, expertly-trained provider makes an honest error and feels deep remorse.


  Do no harm

Every year, one in 14 doctors in America will be sued for malpractice, yet the great majority of patients who suffer injury from malpractice never receive any compensation.


Prescriptive policies for medical malpractice

Opinion in America is often sharply divided over medical malpractice litigation. Some say that the advocacy system in the only sure way for patients to get proper redress. Others, including those wanting to simplify and cap lawsuits through tort reform, believe the system is wasteful, churning out settlements at a high cost to taxpayers and doctors alike.

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