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Cutting science budget a matter of life and death

Contributor Tamara Caspary explains how the affects of the ‘fiscal cliff’ could mean serious cuts to science budgets nationwide and curb advances in medicine and disease research.


  Money & Medicine

Money and Medicine tackles the challenges of containing runaway health care spending.


  Behind-the-scenes photo gallery

Filmed at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and Intermountain Medical Center in Utah, Money & Medicine illuminates the powerful forces driving soaring healthcare costs, as well as proven strategies to effectively reign in excessive medical expenses.


  Dispelling the myths surrounding cancer trials

Clinical trials are vital to advancing cancer treatment, but sometimes doctors can’t find patients to participate and patients can’t find the trials. “It’s like two ships passing in the night,” says Dr. Elly Cohen.


What do you need to know about mammograms?

After years of being told that early detection was the key to treating breast cancer, many were understandably stunned last year when a panel of scientists concluded that women over 40 don’t need mammograms nearly as often as previously thought. And a new study out of Sweden raises even more questions about how often mammograms [...]


  Blood test: What you don’t know about blood

Since World War ll, blood has been considered “the gift of life.” But today a growing number of experts are questioning whether blood transfusions should be so widely used.


  The risks of transfusions

Members of the medical community are questioning how blood transfusions are used, and are concluding that, for many patients, the risks outweigh the benefits.


  Need to Know, July 16, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Where art thou, Obama? A look at how Avandia and other possibly dangerous drugs make it to market. And a photojournalist travels to Bangladesh to document one of the world’s most dramatic health crises: childhood malnutrition.


Money and medicine: The story of Avandia

Dr. Jerome Kassirer, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, discusses the state of the FDA today, and the conditions that make it possible for drugs like Avandia, which may be pulled from the market, to reach consumers.

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