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Egyptian-American blogger arrested in Syria, accused of spying during protests

Family members of Mohamed Radwan, who was in born in Texas, said he was arrested during protests in Damascus Friday and was being used as part of a propaganda campaign.


A new approach to post-conflict aid

In the wake of the Mideast uprisings, Joshua Foust argues that the U.S. must change its approach to the region by encouraging economic growth instead of enforcing tyranny.


Amid Bahrain crackdown, prominent opposition leader is arrested, accused of foreign ties

The son of Ebrahim Sharif Al Sayed, the leader of a major opposition party, told Need to Know that his father was taken away in the middle of the night with no explanation.


An American citizen is killed ‘fighting for freedom’ in Libya

Mohannad Bensadik, a 21-year-old born in North Carolina, stayed in Libya to fight Gadhafi’s forces. “Mohannad liked freedom,” his mother recalled.


Live blog: Libya revolts

Protesters continued to defy the Gadhafi regime’s crackdown, even as the government shut off Internet access and intensified its efforts to retake key cities. We bring you live updates.


  Libya’s uprising, in photos

Violent clashes in Libya have sent thousands fleeing the country. VII photographer Franco Pagetti documents the situation in the port of Benghazi, where makeshift camps have been set up.


  Bernard Haykel: What happens next in the Middle East?

Bernard Haykel, professor of near eastern studies at Princeton University, says the world must promote political dignity and good governance in the Middle East.


Chinese government issues preemptive crackdown of ‘Jasmine Revolution’ protests

An anonymous call to incite Middle East-inspired protests in China has been met with arrests and assault by government officials.


UN wants Gadhafi investigated for war crimes — but nobody wants to pay for it

A UN resolution referring the Libyan autocrat to the International Criminal Court exempts the U.S. and others from having to pay for the investigation.

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