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  From ‘shock and awe’ to ‘advise and assist’ in Iraq

Seven years after the start of the war in Iraq, the U.S. mission there has changed dramatically. Middle East scholar Juan Cole discusses the new phase, and whether peace is possible in Iraq.


Who ‘lost’ Turkey?

Joschka Fischer on why Europe can’t afford to alienate Turkey.


Israel releases new video of flotilla raid, but Turkey remains defiant

Israelis were largely indifferent to a military probe of a deadly raid that killed nine activists. As one observer put it: “Here, more people are focused on the World Cup results.”


A balancing act with Iran

A rare inside look at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran, his nuclear ambitions and the citizens who support or criticize him.


Does Iran’s democracy have a chance?

The author of “The Ayatollah’s Democracy,” just back from a reporting trip to Iran, talks about the state of democracy there, one year after the disputed presidential election.


As flotilla probe begins, filmmaker unveils new footage of deadly raid

Israel is now the subject of lawsuits and political pressure. But what about the ‘hit list’ at the center of the controversy? Need to Know talked to an American flotilla passenger about the mysterious document.


A once-imprisoned writer on Iran’s smoldering resistance

Iran’s protest movement is like “fire under the dirt.” One day, the wind will blow the dirt aside, and the flames could arise again.


With Gaza blockade under fire, should the U.S. talk to Hamas?

As international criticism of the Gaza blockade grows, some are calling for a dialogue with the government there, Hamas. Others say a dialogue would condone Hamas’s violence.


  Heart of Jenin

A Palestinian boy’s death becomes a gift of life for six Israelis. As the Middle East devolves deeper in conflict, the story of Ahmed Katib offers a rare vision of common humanity and hope.

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