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Moammar Gadhafi


Could Gadhafi be charged with using rape as a weapon?

When rebels retook the tallest building in the besieged Libyan city of Misrata late last month, they found a message, spelled out in green Arabic graffiti, from the government troops who had been occupying the building: “If we survive, we are warning you gays and dogs. We will not forgive anybody from Misrata. We will [...]


VII Magazine: The cult of Gadhafi

In part one of this two-part series on Libya, VII photographer Christopher Morris captures the faces of Moammar Gadhafi’s followers over the course of a month in Tripoli.


Libya updates: Key Gadhafi aide defects; rebels dismiss concerns of extremism

Moussa Koussa, the Libyan foreign minister, abandoned the regime and fled to Britain Thursday. The rebels, meanwhile, issued a statement pledging to combat terrorism.


Who are the Libyan rebels? And should we give them weapons?

Libyan opposition leaders are asking the West for weapons and dismiss concerns that there are extremists among their ranks. “They’re not in any way fanatical,” one Libyan said.


As NATO takes over in Libya, what’s the endgame?

Officials said NATO would take charge of both the no-fly zone and the bombing campaign, but an exit strategy remained elusive. “There’s very real room here for long-term stalemate,” said one military analyst.


Photo: Armed support for allies

In Benghazi, allied air campaigns bring out supporters of all ages.

Reader responses: U.S. involvement in Libya

What’s your reaction to the U.S.’s involvement in Libya? Share your thoughts.


And now, a war against Libya?

The U.N. Security Council effectively declared war on Gadhafi, but without a plan for carrying it out. Joshua Foust asks: Is this a war the U.S. can — or should — fight?


An American citizen is killed ‘fighting for freedom’ in Libya

Mohannad Bensadik, a 21-year-old born in North Carolina, stayed in Libya to fight Gadhafi’s forces. “Mohannad liked freedom,” his mother recalled.

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