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Resources: General, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, health policy organizations

The Dartmouth Atlas of Health CareĀ  The Dartmouth Atlas Project is a great source of information about the geographic variation in the distribution and use of medical resources across the United States. The project uses Medicare data to provide comprehensive information and analysis about national, regional, and local markets, as well as individual hospitals and [...]


Resources: Patient decision aids, doctor and hospital information, hospital ratings and comparisons

Patient Decision Aids What ia a Patient Based Decision Aid? The goal of patient based decision aids is to illuminate available options to patients in an unbiased way. They explain the risks and the benefits of each option based on evidence and inform patients about potential outcomes. Decision aids allow patients to think about their [...]


  Money & Medicine first look

Money and Medicine tackles the challenges of containing runaway health care spending.


  Frequent flyers and healthcare reform

An investigation of readmission penalties, an element of the Affordable Care Act designed to reduce costs and lead to more coordinated healthcare. Ray Suarez hosts.

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