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Photo: Blast off!

Space meets rock n’ roll 30 years ago today.


Photo: Home to stay

The space shuttle program officially ends with Atlantis’ safe return.


Photo: Happy anniversary, Neptune

The first anniversary of Neptune’s discovery by astronomers 165 Earth years ago. The Hubble telescope captured some images to celebrate the occasion.


Space junk

The International Space Station almost got slammed by a chunk of junk. How much space debris is out there? And what can we do about it?


Photo: Farewell flight, inside and out

If witnessing a shuttle launch is on your bucket list, kick yourself into high gear, as you just lost another opportunity to see one. Today’s launch of the space shuttle Endeavour is the second-to-the-last shuttle launch ever, as NASA prepares to retire its 30-year-old space shuttle program


Photo: The 15-minute flight

In 1961, the Americans really got spacey.


Photo: A messenger meets Mercury

Our planetary neighbor gets its portrait taken for the first time from an orbiting spacecraft.


Photo: Back in the pilot’s seat

Gabrielle Giffords’ husband will fly on the space shuttle.


A hot rock and a gas blob make headlines

It was a big week for cosmological discoveries, with an Earth-like planet and a star-making machine keeping astronomers riveted.

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