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A ‘messy’ Afghan exit plan

NATO is overselling its plan to pull out of Afghanistan via the “northern distribution network.” While the northern evacuation route certainly lessens the need for Pakistan, it is not a viable replacement for Pakistan’s supply routes, writes Joshua Foust.


NATO’s many challenges

Despite dwindling resources, NATO’s ambitions are bigger than ever, writes Joshua Foust. The big question is just how long can its self-delusions last?


Memo to NATO: Stay out of Syrian conflict

NATO may talk a big game when it comes to global security, but its ability to affect war and peace outside of Europe is limited, writes contributor Joshua Foust.


A hollow victory: The slow unraveling of Libya

There’s been a months-long string of horrifying stories coming out of Libya that seems to merit mostly shrugs. Joshua Foust asks: What is going on?


Libya updates: Gadhafi vows ‘martyrdom’ as rebels storm his compound in Tripoli

The mystery surrounding Moammar Gadhafi’s whereabouts continued to complicate the Libyan conflict’s endgame. As rebels stormed his compound in Tripoli, the elusive autocrat was nowhere to be found.


Tensions still high after a week of violence in Kosovo

A trade dispute escalated into violence at two border checkpoints between Kosovo and Serbia last week, highlighting several challenges Serbia still faces in its quest for EU membership.


Europe, pay up

What is the future of NATO when, as Robert Gates said, it has reached a point of “military irrelevance” and the U.S. foots so much of the bill? Joshua Foust considers the options.


Who are the Libyan rebels? And should we give them weapons?

Libyan opposition leaders are asking the West for weapons and dismiss concerns that there are extremists among their ranks. “They’re not in any way fanatical,” one Libyan said.


As NATO takes over in Libya, what’s the endgame?

Officials said NATO would take charge of both the no-fly zone and the bombing campaign, but an exit strategy remained elusive. “There’s very real room here for long-term stalemate,” said one military analyst.

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