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Newt Gingrich


  Presidentiality: ‘Class warfare?’

Republicans are accusing Obama of waging “class warfare.” But America’s fights over class and wages have been much worse — and much bloodier — in years past.


Few sharp exchanges in first GOP presidential debate, as candidates assail Obama

The candidates passed on opportunities to clash with one another in their first debate, choosing instead to attack President Obama’s economic policies.


Why you’re wrong about who’s going to be elected president next year

Newt Gingrich’s campaign may be falling apart, but history, and Need to Know’s Tom Casciato, tell us one thing: whatever we think we know we don’t know.


Obama forcefully defends plan to build mosque near Ground Zero

President Obama issued a forceful defense of plans to a build a mosque and Muslim community center near ground zero on Friday, stepping directly into one of the thorniest political conflicts of the year.


  Need to Know, May 21, 2010

Mexico’s drug war, pot clinics

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